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November 25, 2011 / mummaVegas

I Heart BrisVegas – Launching mummaVegas

Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans, right? I’ve been told that it’s awful writing to begin with a cliché – forgive me. It has to be said.

Last week, I left work to embark on the most unplanned but no doubt incredible journey of my life. I am now on maternity leave.

Allow me to sequence for the reader’s benefit.

Seven months ago I packed up life in chilly Armidale, regional NSW to join my brand-spanking new (we were married in January) Hubby in, as one expatriate warned me, the armpit of Australia – good old Bris-vegas. The armpit call was made with a loving undertone. Fear not Brisvegans, I arrived in your good city with relish. I did, however, leave Armidale on a delightfully sublime twenty-five degree summer’s midday, to arrive in Brisbane in the late afternoon where apparently the setting sun ratchets up the heat factor by a couple more degrees just to brag before finally dipping below the undulating skyline of this fine city. What I’m saying it that it was three degrees hotter at 5pm than it had been at the midday radio weather update. How does that work with the laws of physics, and nature, and bioscience…. and stuff??

Upon pulling up in our new driveway I had to ask myself, as I instructed the removalists to put the heaters in the undercroft of our uninsulated Paddington Queenslander – right up the back where they may never been heard from again – what the hell is this place?? ….Hell?

I laugh now, because the easiness of Brisvegas lifestyle is quick to endear the city to newcomers, however no one can deny that at some point throughout a December, January and/or February residing in this great Australian city that they have asked themselves if such a simmering sweat blanket of a residence was indeed the Devil’s playground.

I think I’ve talked enough about the weather.  However, no-one can warn you enough.

I have digressed. I shall now return to the relish.

Having recently walked the aisle of wedded bliss, the Hubby and I we set about doing what any newlywed couple does in a new city (….oh come on, keep it clean kids….) – sinking our teeth into the social set and digging on the local vibes, of course. This included standard habits of wining and dining with new friends at Brisbane’s growing abundance of high quality and easy eats (just to name a couple), catching the latest gig at the Tiv, and getting about in our usual style of merriment and tomfoolery. We really have a great time together.

The other mildly important task was to establish some gainful employment. I’d spent five weeks drumming my fingers on the counter top awaiting response from the junk mail rate of which I dispatched myself into the Brisbane employment marketplace. Almost whoreish, really.  My plan was to make Brisbane my resting place for career jettison, after all!

Having come off the back of a year and a half of career lowlights scraping together policy and production jobs while traipsing through Spain, where illegal work had dried up along with the Spanish, Greek, Italian, Portugese and Irish credit ratings, I focussed my employment resolve to continue with a career in Higher Education policy and approach The University of Queensland for a gig.

Check! With a swift landing on my feet, the job offer came in within days of me wanting to pull my hair out with unemployment mania and hurling the chunks at Hubby as he walked through the door after a hard day’s work. It again seemed like 2011 was going to be our year. The path was being laid and everything appeared to be going exactly according to plan….

…Roll on May.

It was the damn wasabi that gave it all away. Sushi is one of my favourite foods and is, because of this fact, my lunch of choice. The UQ cafeteria does not do a bad Nori roll. Yep, there are better, to which I hope this blogging endeavour will reveal and attest, however – when in Rome… This Roman wasabi was making my stomach do backflips. Shit. The jig was up: When was the last time I’d had…..? Shit. Chemist? Apparently that which was going through your dirty little minds earlier was the thing that stuck.

….You know they now make the tests where the result is written on the screen for you in black and white? It even has an approximation on conception. I know, because mine read “5+ weeks”. Oh dear….

It is funny how a little thing like being up the duff will cause your freshly-pebbled path to diverge and every gear in your life shift – primarily into designated driver. Expecting a baby, as a billion women before me can attest, changes so much about what your life is “normally” like. The advantage I have enjoyed is that being pregnant has encouraged me out of doors during more daylight hours; to explore this great city and it causes me to remark at how underestimated Brisbane is as a city. I’m an ex-Sydneysider and I do adore Melbourne. Brisbane has so much going for it in that it is not Sydney or Melbourne and I have come to adore that.

I chuckle when I hear people say that Brisbane has no lifestyle or culture. Being pregnant and being able to savour all my restaurant and café meals (sans soft cheese, raw foods – darn sushi – and deli meats) rather than trying to remember them the next morning; meandering through the various Brisbane neighbourhoods in a bid to keep this growing baby-arse in some kind of shape – all of this has reflected the diversity in style and culture is one of Brisbane’s key strengths.

So: me and bub; we’re all about doing some more ‘vegas exploring together (bub just doesn’t know it quite yet…). And about sharing our Brisbane finds. Given this new lot in life, a “Mumma-Hints” flavour could make its way into the content and I hope it helps any new or sage’d Mummas out there. Feel free to leave me feedback and suggestions of things you might like to have covered. There is so much out there….

To pick up where I began, I have said a temporary good-bye to my dream job in order to deliver this New Plan into the world. In the wise old words of Queen Vic “being pregnant is an occupational hazard of being a [woman]”. I’ve got a new, not-so-planned job that doesn’t sound too shabby a dream at all.Together we are going to kick the Brisbane heat and sift through the oft-hidden, sometimes well-known treasures of the City. Hopefully, all of them air-conditioned. (Note to self: pack armpit spray in nappy bag…)

mummaVegas x

…Me at 39 weeks… in a VERY messy living room! Will promise to make pics better!



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