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December 6, 2011 / mummaVegas

top five ways to get through five days overdue….

…so my last post mentioned I’d be walking around with el chico by now, right? Well, the kid has other ideas and today, we’re six days overdue. Oh, a sign of things to come. Plans. Schmans.

I like to think that it’s because I’m such a warm and toasty little baker that my bun is happy right where it is, but some other factors are playing on my mind:

1. I know the child’s father quite well….he doesn’t do anything until he’s good and ready either;

2. Do the words independent, self-starting, free-spirited Sagittarius mean anything?;

3. The whole family placed bets on the arrival date. We asked for it.

Looking on the bright side, I’ve managed five extra days of childless Brisvegan living, entertaining visitors who were in town to visit me in hospital, sporting the new maternal glow everyone expected of me by now.

Happily, I mustered up enough 41-week energy to be able to now supply you with my Top 5 ways to get through five days overdue:

FIVE: Take a looooong labour-inducing* walk down LaTrobe Terrace-Given Terrace-Caxton Street until you reach just one of Brisbane’s outstanding cinema complexes – the Palace at the Barracks. Worth the extra couple of bucks for ticket prices, this cinema boasts a fresh, non-three day old body odour aroma in the environs, uber-comfy lounge seating, the chance to grab a chilled alcoholic beverage (in my case purchased for the Hubby – I’m still on the mineral waters….delish…) and a great collection of blockbuster and art house film selections. In November each year, the Palace hosts the Brisbane International Film Festival – or the BIFF (awesome) –  and having caught a few of the specials this year, I have to say, well done.

FOUR: Relish in the release of the latest take on my favourite pregnancy word: PANTRY. Incarnated by one of Paddington’s evolutionary shopping delights, Hamptons Home Living, Friday saw the unveiling of their new Pantry boasting Leavain sourdough fresh daily, Barambah Organics dairy selections, and (ohhhh…yeahhhh) the fudge guy‘s delicioso caramel fudge (perhaps this might be another reason my child doesn’t want to go anywhere – bub is what I eat after all) along with the sweetest collection of duck egg blue cups, saucers and tea plates and other kitcheny-related bits and bobs to make one feel like Jack Nicolson is right there in the corner licking his ice-cream seductively as he watches Amanda Peet strut away to the herb aisle? Ahem – does anyone else shamelessly adore Something’s Gotta Give?



The great thing about Hamptons is that since opening doors in early 2011, these Melbournians have admirably embraced the Brisbane scene and strive to provide something fresh and inspiring according to the local vibe. The place has changed and grown and expanded into a divine cafe, homewares store, and now pantry – you can visit and find something to satisfy whatever your day might be chasing…

 I did say the Fudge Guy….didn’t I? Drool.

THREE: Air-conditioned Antique Quarters. Gotta love a bit of vintage, yes? Well – I think yes. And while I do promise that upon the arrival of my spawn I will venture out of Paddington to explore other outstanding Brisbane vicinities, I must say I enjoy nothing more than taking in the ever changing, always inspiring collection of antiques at the Paddington Antique Centre. Housed in what used to be the Plaza Theatre – way back in the ‘thirties (and on this point, I encourage you to walk in and take a lap looking up at the ornate ceilings and cornices still on show from the days of theatrics) – you can find anything your little heart desires among the aisles of privately operated vintage vendors. Jewellery, furnishings and furniture, clothing, ye olde bric-a-brac, china, silverware, even a bit of war memorabilia if that takes your fancy?

TWO (words): Shampoo. Blow-dry. My delightful mother who has wandered up and down these Paddington streets endlessly with me for the last three weeks as we await the arrival of the blessed grandchild has introduced me to one hell of a concept that I now recommend to all expectant mothers as they also await the arrival of the bundle of joy. Knee-jerk, impulse beauty splurges. You really can’t beat them. Strolling past the Verve hairdressers on Given Terrace, the shock of genius happened upon her and the next thing I know, we’re side by side being lathered up a storm and I’m being asked what level of “volume” I want in my blow-dry. My response “something ‘natural’ looking for the labour ward, in case your scalp massage sets me off finally…” How fantastically ridiculous!

ONE!!!: Discovering the ultimate brunch-time goodness that is avocado, ricotta, lemon and poached egg on sourdough toast. I took the Pepsi-challenge at a number of venues offering this outrageously terrific combination and the hat goes to the Gun Shop Cafe in Brisbane’s West End. ‘Nuff said, really. Another potential reason why I’m yet to visit the labour ward. I have to stop eating so well.

Tell you what though, Brisvegas has turned out to be one hell of a place to kill time. Applaude!

mummaVegas x

*will not guarantee the term “labour-inducing”. I’m still here, after all.


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