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December 21, 2011 / mummaVegas

Six Days Old: YO! ‘Gabba (‘Gabba)

Six days old = I’m experiencing pure delight and all those cliches one associates with newborns. My boy is certainly no exception; and neither is my rampant bias – the kid is a rockstar! He even has the latest Bonds brand Guitar Pants to prove it!

I laid low for the most of last week since my little guy decided to keep us waiting for six extra days and made me feel rubbish. My own mumma and I traipsed UP and DOWN LaTrobe Terrace so many times in a bid to encourage him out that I believe I have officially (and temporarily) warn out my welcome at every cafe joint on the beat. Needless to say, by the time he graced us with his presence in the wee small hours of December 8 and I’d been discharged from the RBWH, it felt right to expose ourselves, the kid and I, to sampling another of the city’s cafe scenes before I was subjected to an intervention from one of my neighbourhood proprietors.

Disppointingly, pearl cafe off Stanley Street (the Logan Road, Woolloongabba Antique Quarter) doesn’t open its doors on a Sunday. My baby-brain-fugg was chasing their superb barista skillz…but alas, I will have to enlighten you on these at another juncture. It’ll happen because of the ample examples of Brisbane retail and foodie excellence on this strip. I certainly must share it with you.

Bereft, I looked at the boy’s father (aka Hubby – just to clarify: same guy) who hangs out at the ‘Gabba for his crust, and therefore makes him une autorité on the Gabba cafe precinct. Before my chin could quiver any lower he had whisked us to a not-too-distant alternative down the road. I’m talking about the brown dog cafe. Hurrah!

Pearl. Schmearl. Dead to me. (I don’t mean these things that I say – you must understand; I was “post-labour” bitchy). But what a fabulous little corner shop of glory! Literally enough space for fifteen inside and a dozen or so on the footpath, I’m instantly reminded of the cafeteria culture of Girona, Spain, where only regulars can fit in and are just enough business to keep the place sustainable; the menu is simple, cheap and delicious; and the focus is on the important stuff. Black gold. The coffee. At brown dog it’s good, it’s quick, it’s made the way you ask for it. Any coffee snob will attest to this last key feature of coffee success being more unusual than one would hope. I love it when the simple things get nailed. Like scrambled eggs on toast. A bacon and egg roll. Simple. Brown dog = Sublime. Salute!


Add to this the prevalence of young families and (godforsaken) prams and strollers – guilty as charged – breakfasting all together in harmony, and brown dog has certainly made it onto my staple list for satisfactory go-to’s when “tidy” coffee and an easy scene is what I’m after. I mean, who could not love a place that themes with Where the Wild Things Are?? Fancy a brunch date, Hubby??




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  1. nik / Dec 21 2011 10:26 am

    I agree with your take on the Brown Dog – “K.I.S.S”, however do need to clarify to your readers that the hot male in the white t-shirt is not the aforementioned brunch date hubby.

    • mummaVegas / Jan 4 2012 2:45 am

      Thought I’d leave the hot-white-shirt in anonoland. But well spotted!

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