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January 9, 2012 / mummaVegas

…when in Roma….

Ahem. Well, yes. It’s been a while. But rather than reading my self-flagellation, here’s a bit of pop-quizzery for you:

Has my hiatus been:

a) the result of jettisoning our new born across the state line for a 2-week visit to his southern relatives; or

b) a snap passport sejour to the opposite side of the world to wean the bebe onto espresso, gelati, pizza, “ciao bella! Do you want to take a ride on my Vespa!?” and ancient Roman history?

Sigh, the answer is “A”. Not that our New South Welsh compatriots and relations weren’t delightful to see, and Boy Wonder was a true gem as he was passed from pillar to post being introduced to all manner of aunties and uncles, both real and surrogate/adoptive. Perhaps next Christmas we will bundle up the kid and whisk him away to Italia for Christmas….? Si, hubby? Si?

Christmas and New Years was the best kind of hectic – a busy-ness that was flounced with laughter, gift-givery, celebrations, barbecues and love. Needless to say, however, anyone who lives out of their car for two weeks that does have a home to go to is more often than not quite happy to see said home when the driveway appears on the horizon. So it was with my team on the Tuesday after NYE and it didn’t take long for us to slip into a steady family routine. By Sunday however, we were ready to bust back outdoors again – Albie needed some exercise….. his mother’s backside did not….

A very short tiptoe away from the central business district of Brisbane rests something of an oasis wonderland – The Roma Street Parklands.

A very short tiptoe...

There is no more perfect way to unravel the tightly wound hustle and bustle of a city than to stumble into rainforest tranquility and meander through the gardens, canopies and ponds until your heart, and that of your hubby and child, is content.

Hubby & Child....meandering

Opened publicly in April 2001, the Parklands have successfully incorporated or acknowledged prior uses, such as Aboriginal ceremonial grounds (the parklands maintain these designated areas), former major rail links with outer Brisbane boroughs (a “steam train” traverses the parklands weaving young families amongst the foliage-heavy routes of the Parklands today), and the site of an early settlement orphanage – one spread of garden contains a statue of a young orphaned boy which is erected to pay tribute to the hundreds of children who were “taken in by…and suffered.. in the hands of the Church and State” in these orphanages.


Acknowledging past pain

Orphanage Gardens, off Turbot Street end

For more on the history and former usage of the park land I encourage you to visit

We had an amazing afternoon doing all the “family” type activities one imagines: surveying the enormous and incredible varieties of native forestation and garden samples across the hectares of Parkland, eating ice-cream, skipping down the boardwalks and across the pond stones, near-missing a variety of wildlife under foot – beetles, dragons, lizards – OH MY!, arguing about who gets to push Albie about in the stroller next. You know, the standard stuff.

Skipping across pond stones

Sleepy Sunday Strolling

Mr Dragon Man

Lillie pillies

There are two most outstanding features of the Parklands for me personally, and I’m sure I’m not alone in my enthusiasm for the serviceability of this town jewel. The first is the Wednesday and Friday AM Pram Walking Club (so help me God I am embracing mummahood). Sheer “pre-Baby Body” reclaiming GENUIS!

You know where to find us on Wednesday...

The second is…. the ability to tiptoe back to the city for therapy of a different flavour right after leaving Tranquility Central…. killer-cute bambino and hubby totes optional – but I’ll take it!!

Sucking in the City Vibe …. I’m just sayin’


mummaVegas x



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    • mummaVegas / Mar 3 2014 10:55 pm

      HI thanks for your comment. I have moved from Brisbane so am working to rebrand my blog to enable general content to have a place. I really appreciate the feedback though – please expand on the attention you think it would benefit from if you feel like providing. 🙂


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