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January 23, 2012 / mummaVegas

how do you take your culture, Son?

I’m home writing this a little earlier than anticipated due to some inclement weather putting the stops on our final family jaunt for the week. I will recommend 2/3’s of the new J.Edgar film starring Mr DiCaprio and Ms Watts – only because we didn’t see the ending, and discussions in the car on the way home through the rain had Hubby and I agreeing that the “absolute power corrupts absolutely” theme was a little OTT. Any James Ellroy novel amply needles the level of dodge that Mr Hoover possessed in his day. What Ellroy has never needled explicitly is the orientation of Mr Hoover’s romantic interests….annnnd the movie lays it on pretty thick. It isn’t Naomi Watts, but rather one of the twin rowers from The Social Network. I did not see that comin’. I thought Mark Zuckerberg maybe…. but…meh. Albie’s only real thought was how drastically Naomi Watts had aged over the weeks since he has been alive. Yes, he said drastic. So advanced. It was less difficult than I thought explaining the skills of make-up artistry to a 6 week old.

Setting up for bed'o'clock @ the Cinema

For all the years I lived in Sydney, Moonlight Cinema month was always the way to kick off the new year and often there was a last minute dash to Centennial Park to catch Ferris Bueller on the big screen. I was pretty delighted to learn that Brisbane has incarnated its own version on the lawns of the Brisbane Powerhouse over in New Farm. Movies will run until Feb 18 and the line up is pretty neat. Although Boy Wonder barely batted a 1.5month old eyelid at his first shower el naturale, we did have to baulk early as the rain came tumbling down so I’d be keen to head back for Midnight in Paris…. or Ferris Bueller’s Day Off…. dammit – that’s the Sydney program. And if anyone can post the ending to J.Edgar we’d be most exceedingly obliged.

The clouds roll in....

How did I know my son would survive a couple of hours of captive cultural entertainment!? Well- I put the training wheels on him on Wednesday with a matinee viewing of Mary Poppins at QPAC of course! *tsk* what else??? Through a stroke of circumstance, I was informed on Monday morning that I was the fortunate “filler” to accompany Sister Armidala and Niece to the 1.30pm performance – and a good deal of fist-pumping later, I bundled up the child in a Baby Bjorn and whisked him into the dark confines of the nose-bleed section of the Lyric Theatre. What a show! I was truly torn between favouring the swirling and twirling debaucherous “Supercalifragalisticexpialidoshus”-ness of excitement or the all out, knees-uppery of “over the rooftops Step in Time!!” Exhaustingly brilliant. And that Matt guy, you know the judge from Australia’s So You Think You Can Dance?, can actually dance!! (am I the only SYTYCD tragic on wordpress?) I don’t know how Albie stayed asleep with my bouncing around in the chair with glee. Kids or no kids, go see it. Niece rated it an eleven to of ten and I’d trust the judgement of a 5 year old on that sort of thing on any day of the week. Twice on Sundays.

By Friday, both Albie-boy and I were a little tuckered out from all the activity and fun of having the family in town yet, thoughtfully, I had arranged his 6-week vaccines to occur on Friday. Jesus…. a whole new level of tears – and Albie let her rip as well! Poor little duffer. I won’t torture you with descriptives, but I knew at the end of the episode that we were both in need of a stiff drink…. or, given we are still in the throngs of nursing for his supper, at the very least the good company of stiff drinkers. And what, pray-tell would be a more culturally rich experience to surround oneself with drinkers of a crisp white wine on a Friday evening in brisVegas? Hmmmm…..The Opening Night of the Matisse Up Late at the Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA) might just cut it!

Converging on the GoMA on Friday evening for Opening Night of Up Late

I don’t know about you, but it is kind of fun choosing an outfit from your wardrobe that clashes ostentatiously yet artfully; cursing that you don’t own a pair of wedge Birkenstocks, yet rejoicing that you can wear your thick-rimmed reading glasses all night – even when you don’t need to; walking around an exhibition of Matisse Drawing Life with your Moleskine notebook and nodding poignantly at all the Moby lookalikes that cross into your art viewing zone. (Albie noted half a dozen would-be Mobys in one Matisse display space on Friday night – it turned into an hilarious family game… and also a little bit like watching a plague).   Anyhoo, the Moleskine notebook ended up proving extremely handy as I was able to note – for my readers’ benefit – in true Hemingway style that Matisse would sketch upwards of three thousand drawings in preparation for some finished artworks, was influenced throughout his long a career by the likes of fellow artists such as Van Gogh and Picasso (which explains the diversity of his works then yes?) and it took GoMA more than two years of collaboration and dedicated work with the Bibliotechque Nationale Francais as well as private collectors in New York to cobble together an amazingly broad collection of his drawing works. Thank you Hannah, Sponsorship Manager at GoMA for the time and information!

I wish artiquette would allow photography of the works so I could visually share some of the amazement. There are valid examples of some sketches preferable to the finished work! I’m re-inlove with Matisse after the viewing. But alas, you’ll have to trust that our mouths were open in astonishment a lot; and get by on the entrance signage, and some pictures of the Drawing Room put together by the Gallery for would-bes and probably-ares to sit and sketch a set with their chilled crisp white wines. Taken on the trusty blackberry so not the finest aperture, yet you get the jist, right?

Entering the zone of awesome

The Drawing Room: Matisse: Drawing Life @ GoMA

Add to this, Up Late on Fridays throws in DJ Jazz knocking out remixed Marvin Gaye plus an international performer as a little seasoning for the art setting. We stuck around just long enough for Eleanor Friedberger to commence her croon, and although Boy Wonder encouraged us to get him home to bed, our early departure still made the whole evening 20 bucks very well spent. I don’t know if GoMA is going to share this exhibition or initiative with any other galleries along the eastern seaboard but if the Matisse: Drawing Life exhibition makes its way to the MCA or the Heide, do yourselves a favour, NSW/VIC friends, and see it. An outstanding collection of a great man’s life work.

A cultural overload for Boy Wonder I wonder? I’m exhausted just reading it!

This week we’re trying Baby Sensory classes, Australia day celebrations at a grown ups house, and a visit to Aunty, Uncle and Great Cousin on the Gold Coast – just to mix things up a little.

Until later…. mummaV  x



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  1. bronski49 / Jan 23 2012 10:18 am

    Well MummaV – I enjoy your take on life in Brisvegas – if I keep reading I might even begin to believe there is some merit in the place. No Promises of course!

    • mummaVegas / Jan 23 2012 10:49 pm

      Adelaide is full of charms! The TDU just finished there after all!

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