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February 27, 2012 / mummaVegas

A bit of mid-morning, anyone??

I have come to the realisation that Brunch may well be the new mumma’s social saviour. Sandwiched neatly between morning nap and the mid-afternoon feral fest, Brunch is the happily-timed meal that manages to address a number of  eating-out issues.

1. The last time I had a chance to eat was after the 4am feed – and that was a piece of cheese – the “quiet” food. Breakfast o’clock has been all about Boy Wonder for the last 12 weeks.

2. Society is not really ready for a squark-off with my infant at 8am at the local cafe on a Sunday morning.

3. Saturday night dinners out are ok but there is only so much breastfeeding in the hottest new restaurant in Brisbane that my childless friends should have to tolerate.

4. In order to keep with Bub’s regular bed-time “routine”, the only real mid-week option for eating out is a 5pm/$6.50 Roast of the Day Special at the Broncos Leagues Club – which is a poor option not just because the concept disgusts me. There are issues of code, ok. Jack Nicolson was right.

So, Brunch it is. Taking a hot tip from one of Hubby’s socially plugged-in work colleagues has lead to my discovery of one of Brisbane’s finest contributions to the Brunch-time set. Lady Marmalade. Voulez-vous coucher avec moi, ce soir? What now??! Oh. I would love to. But. We have a 12-week old. I’m referring directly to the breaky&brunchery on Stone’s Corner. Unfortunately, it seems that a good Brunching is the best my man can hope for on Sunday mornings.

We were joined this particular Sunday by the delightful… well let’s call them uncleVegas and auntVegas, at Lady Marmalade and I am glad to report that there was a quadrilla of satisfaction at the Turkey table. (Rather than table numbers, you get allocated a random farm animal. Digg it.)

I don't think Boy Wonder's mouth was the first to have this toy in it. But an aptly chosen table number for us nonetheless

Some culinary stand outs include:

1. The iced chocolate:

“You know, whenever I order iced chocolates, i’m usually disappointed by the chocolate syrup. It’s usually a little bit ‘Cottees’. This Lady Marmalade syrup is different. Different in a good way.” – auntVegas

Not your Cottees-variety iced-choc

2. Haloumi on the side:

“I’ve come to realise that haloumi is the answer to every question about a good meal.” – quirky waiter-dude who was master of the side-order up-sell.

He was right. In fact, the concept of A Side of Haloumi was such that serious issues broke out at the Turkey table when Hubby and uncleVegas realised that I hadn’t anticipated their willingness for haloumi on this particular morning. Talk about traumatised adult-babies! “Fine! I’ll get you both some bloody haloumi! Keep your skirts on!” – mummaVegas.

Haloumi me! You know I want it!

3. Succinct menu choices:

One of my most admired features of a cafe or restaurant menu is it’s ability to offer a bit of everything to please the lactose-intolerant, celiac, hipster, vegans of the world, as well as the regular-Joe, garden-variety eaters like the rest of us. Game, set, match Lady Marmalade.

Hellloooo carnivore!

Well-serviced, succinct menu selection.

Mmmmm. Roasted pumpkiny, vegetarian greatness! With a side-order of bacon. Damn you, talented up-seller waiter!

Baked eggs.....'nuff said.

4. Passing the ultimate test. The coffee:

“This coffee easily gets an 8.5 out of 10 before I’ve even had a drink. I like coffee to be hot enough so that I can pick it up and take a sip, but I can’t keep the cup in my hand for any longer without it burning. This coffee has nailed it.” – uncleVegas.

5. Ahhh, to be kid-friendly:

“I feel comfortable enough to eat whatever I like here!” – Boy Wonder.

Comfort eating

Nice job, Lady Marmalade. We’ll be back. My husband thanks you for at least planting the kernel: I was humming Patty Libelle in French all afternoon.

Bon app my good readers, Bon app.

mummaV xx



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  1. Wellerwoman / Mar 14 2012 10:49 am

    I just came of 7 days being vegan volunteering on a farm, I forgot how great our Australian brunches were… Damn it! Mouth watering!!! It’s bread and jam for me again today….

    • mummaVegas / Mar 14 2012 11:16 pm

      Think of all that awaits you when you visit upon your return my love! We miss you!

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