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March 14, 2012 / mummaVegas

the Kid’s so Advanced!

I’d heard rumours about it. The folklore of mothers’ groups country-wide. No, it wasn’t Bob Carr returning to public office. It was the infamous Week Thirteen. The Week Where Everything Changes. Again.

Here I am, amidst Week Thirteen and in the case of Boy Wonder, it’s all about regurgitation. Eat. Throw up. Repeat.

A high proportion of my pants have some kind of milky masterpiece perma-stained into the fabric. White shirts have become off-limits. Not that I’m a huge fashion champion of velour, but if I were a little more J-Lo in my choice of attire, el chico would certainly put paid to the plushness with all things he brings forth at meal times!

Yet, in the style of hapless positivity that envelopes me as a new mumma when something in my infant is slightly awry, I’m looking on the bright side. Every vom-vom brings forth an opportunity to explore how “advanced” my baby is. So Advanced. Yours too? Heh. We are procreating a world full of genius, protege, genetic masterpieces aren’t we?

So Advanced.

And what to make of Boy Wonder’s latest act of self-expression? Perhaps it is that Hubby and I have produced the next generation designer of “custom print” mummaswear?

Because it couldn’t possibly just be a spewy phase!….right?

In order to explore where other creative genius might hatch in brisVegas and like any good parent trying to ingratiate herself into the life and style of child rearing I recently wheeled down a fantastic avenue of self-expression that might nurture and encourage my own three month old’s gift. Where did I land?

Young Designers Markets, Little Stanley Street (1st) Sundays. What do they hold in stall for your creative genius-in-waiting?

The Young Designers Markets! The first Sunday of every month (weather permitting) Brisbane City Council closes off Little Stanley Street to traffic and singles, couples, mummas alike can explore the latest in young and emerging design talent in the fields of fashion, homewares, jewellery, small furnishings, accessories, bric-a-brac and other random collections of colour and vibrancy and spesh. We were both impressed and I reckon I could make out the Kid taking pointed mental notes for projections in his own range.

Boy Wonder-rated highlights include (as pictured in the newly-mastered slide-show feature of my blog – who says we aren’t all learning and growing):

ties&whimsy by alisa newey. Stuck wearing plain cotton-dyed tees that won’t show up drool and milky patterns? Alisa’s range of vintage, hand-me-down necktie accessories add a cool punch of inspired colour and creativity to even the most banal mumma outfit. Seriously impressive talent.

Mishee-Moo: self-professed “handmade goodies for Mums and Bubs” – Laura Worth creates outstanding unique dribble-proof jewellery and handbags. I can’t see a kid teething through a keyboard necklace anytime soon. That’s a whole new level of “advanced”.

Francesca Rockette “Baggery Hub” (ok – I made that “last bit” up) But, Francesca, it’s yours if you want it!: She’s got a whole new world of nappy-bag style just waiting to be embraced by brisVegas mummas city-wide. From onion or flour bag totes to hand stitched leather goods and the cutest little make-up bags that easily double as a pacifier and teether pouches, Francesca’s collection is eco-cool and uber-stylish!

the whimsical blossom: Can I just quietly say – ADORABLE!!! If the delightful little kiddy-kimonos adorning the stall at the whimsical blossom aren’t enough cute for mummas and bubs out in this city then I’m not sure what to say. I almost out-squealed my boy when we discovered this gorgeous range of unique chico-couture on sale.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Boy Wonder’s eyes did not blink for the full hour of colourful stall-browsing. So it was in the Week Where Everything Changes. And, can I just say as an aside: at the end of the day… my 13-week old spit-up fashion protege slept like a “regular infant” after our little pram-venture into creativity.

Don’t forget to pop down to Little Stanley Street on April Fools Day. Weather or fools permitting.

Until next time my glorious readers – keep strollin’!

mummaV xxx


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