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March 31, 2012 / mummaVegas

Eat chocolate dammit! (Whoops, I’ve ranted)

Whoa. Ranting Banshee! Well, at least I know what happens when she gets upset...

Ok. I have done my absolute best to avoid using this blog space as a platform for my occasional inner-rant-demon. Perhaps you have seen snippets of the rant in some of my “earlier work” but for the best part, I’ve kept the soapbox in the laundry. But I’m sorry – I recently overheard a couple of new mothers having a discussion over a cup of coffee (it was Anouk….I wonder if they read my Prams in Cafes post…? Pfft) and it made me a little upset. Can you tell?

These girls seemed to be having a pretty serious discussion about their struggles to get their pre-baby body back. There were comparisons to a number of celebrities and – I hate to say this as a mad trash magazine fiend – trash magazines who were congratulating the famous mummas’ whip-around from labour ward to size 6 in a matter of weeks. Curious, I wandered past with Boy Wonder of fifteen weeks on my hip and coo-peered into their prams. The bubs would not have been 6 weeks old! Their mothers, looking exactly as I expect a mother of a 6-week-old to look, were amazing. At least they had been able to leave the house!

Why must there now be a ridiculous notion that in addition to carrying the child, bearing the child, breastfeeding the child and all the other joyful experiences of becoming a parent we are also expected to snap back to our “former selves” almost immediately? Please! It’s hard enough to balance the choices between natural and caeser, private/public, returning to work, and battling members of the militant branch of the local breastfeeding support group through mastitis, grazing and supply issues, not to mention just getting to grips with functioning as a two-prong. Parenthood is awesome, but at times it can also be a real shock to the system. I’m not saying anything new there!

But I do say to all new mums: Eat chocolate dammit! Enjoy this short period in your life where the extra kilos you may have retained are well and truly justified. You have the perfect excuse to be softer. You truly look terrific, and your body is busy enough. It needs the few extra calories that a chocolatey treat will provide. Lord knows we don’t get many opportunities to be a little more relaxed about our bodies than usual. You hear that? I said relax. Oh hell – even Frankie says Relax and I’d take Frankie’s word over New Weekly‘s any day of the week and twice on Sundays! You are beautiful. Posh Spice has an army of personal trainers and dieticians at her Becks (hawhaw) and call to “help” get her back in shape by ridiculous’o’clock. She also doesn’t seem to smile a great deal. Just sayin’.


…*ahem*…Just by chance I have a couple of suggestions to help you in your quest for relaxation and indulgence. I reckon I’ve been able to hunt down two of the city’s, if not the nation’s, best sweet haunts. I do what I can!

Drum roll…

1. The Welsh Lady, 92 Fernberg Road, Rosalie.

Did somebody say “gateau”??

Right, so for the past 23 years, the Welsh Lady has been baking, icing and decadenting (new word alert) her way into Brisbane’s wedding scene. Her cakes are absolute masterpieces! But did you know that you can rock on down to this little cakery just north of the Rosalie Village and select single serve slices of pure indulgence from this true sponge Craftswoman? The display case is also full of bite-sized little morsels – chocolate creams, little-lemon-tarts, and some banana-ry treasure that other BrisVegans were keen on and I I’m sure I would have loved save for my apoplectic dislike of anything banana-ry. Ignore me, the other customers were going…well….bananas for them. I always settle on this chocolate/ricotta number that makes my ears perm.

To give you an idea of just what’s in store I have included a link to her formal menu – approach with caution – and relish!

2. Dello Mano, Doggett Street, New Farm.

Formerly of the Breakfast Creek locale, the Dello Mano crew opened doors on Doggett Street back in November. I met a fabulous fellow mumma and her absolutely delightful 6-month old for coffee and a brownie last week. I’d been looking forward to discovering the ultimate brownie joint since leaving Sydney and the Tripod Cafe’s delightful brownies behind in 2009.

Dello Mano obviously specialise in brown. But you can select a whole rainbow of varieties on the brown and while I’m a Belgian Classic kinda gal, these artisans really have mastered the brownie for everyone. They even have a gluten free variety. Bringing brownies to the masses can’t be easy but they sure make it look that way and for ten bucks, a great cup of coffee and a crunchy-smooth bliss bomb can be yours just off James Street. They also do truffles and rum balls if you want to mix it up a bit.

Get amongst the indulgence, ladies. Alls I’m saying is the world of dieting won’t go anywhere while you nurture your little bundle for a few months. There will always be time for treadmills and scales. Now is the time to embrace a little bulge and let the pheromones ooze. Happy mumma = happy bub. Just sayin’.

mummaV xo


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