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April 12, 2012 / mummaVegas

brisVegas mummaFashtacular #1

I could scarce believe it. Where had the time gone?? It surely could not be already!?

Alas it was true! Boy Wonder was fast approaching the end of his fourth month!

While he had been smiling at us for the last 10 weeks, he had just started to chuckle (cutest thing. Ever.). Tummy time was rockin’; sleep and eat patterns were beginning to emerge; he was grabbing for stuff; standing up against supporting obejcts; and gnawing on his fingers. And toes. Grossest thing. Ever. (Actually, there is no way I can back that up).

We were beginning to rely on his capacity to….*gasp*…..sleeeeeep throooooough the niiiight!…. HURRAH!!!

My little guy’s horizons were broadening faster than my ability to instagram and tweet his every development. What I wasn’t prepared for were avenues beginning to open to my own sense of identity!… Such as the end of the era of buttons, zips, flowy fabrics, top-half/bottom-half dressing. Nursing capes.

In short, the end of Strategic Dressing is approaching. As Boy Wonder moves away from relying solely on me for his breakfast, lunch and dinner….and elevenzies, snack’o’clock…. A Little Somethin’ Extra and finally; food coma-rama, I have noticed my options for investing in the fashion stakes are also beginning to broaden.

Does this come in jersey-knit?

Do you have anything that doesn’t rely on dry-clean only??

These may not have to be the first questions I ask myself when I dare to venture into the next boutique, however, being a single-income family I still need make savvy investments. Put simply, the “What, this old thing?” routine doesn’t cut it with Hubby these days. Everything that isn’t milk-stained is new. I need to be able to show that I can wear a new piece vacuuming as well as to his cousin’s wedding.

The other issue facing my newest mode of dressing was that I can no longer get away with some of the styles of my childless years. Take the triangle bikini for example. I’m not saying it’s wrong, I’m just saying that in years to come, when my son looks back at photos of his first day at the beach and I’m busting out of a teeny-tiny black “bikini” because I just don’t cut the figure I used to, he has every right to mock me relentlessly. Relentlessly. And deny me to his teachers: “I don’t know whose mother she is.”

So, I need to dress a little like I’m responsible for the physical,social, mental and emotional development of another human being. Examples I’ve seen elsewhere indicate this may not be as simple as it seems.

Thankfully, I didn’t have to look to far afield to embrace my new fashion opportunities. In fact, I was fortunate enough to catch five with head designers and proprietors of Surafina, Laura Hart and Rechelle Vidakovic to get the serious lowdown on investment shopping for mummas like me. The Surafina boutique opened in 2011 to complement an existing and vastly successful wholesale fashion design arm of apparel and accessories and can be found at Shop 2, 204 –206 Given Terrace Paddington.

It turned out these women embody “Investment Dressing” across their range; and it was certainly prevalent in the AW12 collection.

Laura and Rechelle talked me through it.

MV: Describe Surafina’s style ethos – particularly directions for Autumn/Winter 2012.

LH: Surafina does well at dressing women across ages and tastes due mainly to our commitment to clean lines, classic meets hobo, teamed with a glamourous asthetic. [Fellow head designer] Rechelle and I complement each other perfectly because we each have strengths in these separate areas and are able to bring the two elements together to create classic pieces. Our standout pieces for AW12 include classic shifts and cape dresses reworked into bold autumn shades. Wear with opaque tights and chunky necklace for lunch, then swap to a slimline black pant for evening with a heel and statement jewellery. These are perfect for mums as if the necessity arises, women can give their bubs “access all areas” while not looking like they’re wearing “maternity wear”.

Just one from the many options for shift dressing at Surafina. Check the Gallery for more!

MV: Clearly as a new mum, I’m not flush with cash but of course I want to look stylish. Where should my style investments be channelled?

RV: Peplum tailoring will be everywhere this season and it’s the perfect example of buying on-trend for but investing in a style that will stand up to even the most fickle fashion seasons. Take this navy peplum jacket with burnt orange piping. A mum trekking around the house in her jeans and a singlet can instantly clean up and mildly formalise her look by throwing this on for a shop dash or picking up the kids from school. And in a year – ten years from now, this jacket will still look amazing with jeans and the latest boot fashion. It’s the must-have look of the season. 

Pony Love and a great jacket!

MV: What tips can you offer mums when making investment purchases?

LH: Sensible dressing is about paring things back to simple roots. Buying clean lines and quality tailoring means a piece will carry through the seasons and will stay fresh as you individualise your look with accessories and personal embellishments. We don’t dress any particular age group and we don’t target sizes at Surafina. We style women who want to channel their individual flair and expression for dressing by providing that clean “canvas” in clothing.  

The simple things in life are often the best. The Surafina style works for anyone.

With Surafina style appearing across Mercedes Benz Fashion Weeks, DOLLY magazine, and at David Jones’ Melbourne Cup marquee, its very clear to see the broad appeal of the girls’ lines.

I was also particularly taken with the exquisite tailoring of Surafina’s transitional smart-casual-to-work-wear.

A quirky skirt that can be worn front-to-back and back-to-front. Upon my return to work in six weeks, I’ll be needing simple, go-to options that can be found in a flash and relied on to look sharp. Clever.

Sensible workwear with just a peppering of quirk. My Pony Love makes a second appearance too!

Accessories to channel our inner-fashion queens. Galore!

A table dedicated to individualising your look? Thank you girls, I think I will! (ooh - hallo furry!)

And I digg a swish handbag, just quietly. Plenty of space for nappies and pacifiers...pffffft.

MV: In your own words – what has been Surafina’s greatest achievement?

LH: Throughout all of our collections, we have stayed tuned in and true to our customers’ needs and have kept our fusion of styles balanced in order to cater to a broad range of tastes. Our pieces are transitional and often multi-functional making investment purchases easier for women. We touch on trends rather than slaves ourselves to them.

I hear that. Here’s to my hopeful transformation into a Yummy Mummy… and shoring up my chances of having my son admit to me at the school gate.

Yours in dressing,

mummaV xo

PS: The other, other great thing about these girls is their stuff is available to purchase online. Perfect if your little cherub is holding you hostage in the house because you’ve tried to convince him that day-sleeping is the New Black…and he’s just not buying it.

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